Acclaimed Puzzler The Wake Is Coming to Android This Week, Pre-register Now

The Wake, the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning puzzler from developer Somi, is coming to Android later this week.

Already available on Steam, The Wake is a stylish narrative-driven puzzle game in which you have to solve various ciphers in order to reveal “a record of past wounds opened at a three-day funeral”.

The game’s narrative is bound to a journal encoded with a substitution cipher. Solve this and you’ll get an insight into the writer’s psyche and explore the “generational curse” that has swallowed his life. Yikes.

The Wake is the final game in Somi’s “Guilt Trilogy”. Double yikes.

Interestingly, The Wake’s gameplay segments are interspersed with highly evocative home movie-style videos and blurry photos. These help to sell the game’s family drama narrative, and give the whole thing a unique and absorbing aesthetic.

You can pre-register for The Wake on the Google Play Store now. It’ll be out later this week.

Source: Touch Arcade

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