Acclaimed Resistance Strategy Game Through the Darkest of Times is Coming to Android

Through the Darkest of Times, a “historical resistance strategy game” set in 1933 Berlin, is available for pre-registrations on Google Play. 

Available since February on PC, Through the Darkest of Times sees you making difficult choices as a political dissident during the early days of the Third Reich, with a group of fellow freedom fighters at your side. 

These choices can be fairly grim – e.g., do you intervene in an assault against an elderly Jewish man, or walk on so that you can fight another day? As the game progresses, and you move through the pre-war years, the stakes get increasingly severe, and the consequences are often unpredictable. 

Through the Darkest of Times is currently rated “very positive” on Steam, where you can currently pick it up for $11.99. The mobile version will cost $7.99 when it arrives.

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