Acclaimed RPG Stardew Valley is Currently Just $4.99 on Android

Stardew Valley, the much-loved farming RPG from ConcernedApe, is on sale for $4.99, down from its usual price of $7.99.

No stranger to the bargain bin, Stardew Valley was on sale at the same price as recently as April. It’s worth flagging again, though, because it really is one of the best games of its kind on Android – or any platform for that matter.

The game, which is presented in charming 16-bit style, sees you heading for the country and building an agrarian life for yourself among the crops and livestock. You’ll start a family, farm animals, explore the nearby countryside, and go fishing.

Also, you’ll venture into caves and come up against monsters while hunting for treasure, so there’s something in there for the adrenalin junkies too.

Stardew Valley was universally acclaimed at launch, even earning a BAFTA nomination. You can pick it up for $4.99 right now on Google Play.

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