Acclaimed Soul-Sorting Sim Peace, Death! is Half Price on Android

Peace, Death!, the acclaimed grim reaper simulator from developer AZAMATIKA, is half price right now on the Google Play Store. You can pick it up for just 99c, down from its usual price of $1.99.

Heavily inspired by Papers, Please!, right down to its title format, Peace, Death! sees you playing as a skeletal operative at an afterlife clearing desk. Souls come before you, and you have to send them either up or down.

You’re told which souls to send to hell and which to heaven at the beginning of each shift, and the criteria change daily. One day, everyone with horns is doomed to eternal agony, while next might see gun-carriers in the firing line.

The game likes to mix things up, too. Horns might be concealed by hats. Guns can be discarded at the last minute. You need to stay frosty to keep your job.

There’s a lot more, too, including theme days, weekly events, and Horseman tasks. You can download Peace, Death! at a discount right now on the Google Play Store.

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