Action-RPG game, Emissary of War, invades the Android Market

In the mood for a great 3D dungeon crawling action-rpg title to play this weekend? How about one that was created by developers that include ex-Bioware staff? Emissary of War has landed on the Android Market and features some pretty impressive visuals.

While visuals are not everything, it’s always nice to have some great eye candy while playing games. However, considering the developers behind this game, the script and gameplay are also top-notch as one would expect from ex-Bioware staff.


  • Action RPG style gameplay!
  • Story driven, with cinematics and voice acting!
  • Upgrades and collectibles to be found!
  • Intuitive controls designed directly for a touch based interface!
  • Great 3D graphics



With voice acting, cut-scenes and a deep well written storyline, Emissary of War is basically a console game stuffed onto your Android device. Eager to get your hands on Emissary of War? just head over to the Android Market and grab it. It will set you back a whooping $1.00. Expect a full review to arrive shortly.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the heads up!

Developer Website: Cedar Hill Games

Android Market Link: Emissary of War

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