Action-RPG game Mana Chronicles by Spearhead Entertainment coming Dec. 15th to Android

Spearhead Entertainment is a promising game development house who recently released the great action/platform game Phoenix Spirit onto Android. Continuing with the release of the high quality game, Spearhead Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing Mana Chronicles, their action-RPG game onto the Android Market Dec. 15th.

Featuring graphics similar to the style of Zenonia, Mana Chronicles has plenty of action, special effects and storyline to keep most hardcore RPG gamers satisfied while offering casual gamers the ability to play at their own pace. There is plenty of gear to find, quests to solve and enemies to slay.


  • Special Abilities – Unleash massive attacks with your fire, ice or lightening abilities
  • Three areas – The Inferno, defend the village and the magic forest
  • Equipment – Lots of legendary items to find
  • 2 gameplay modes: Story and Mission
  • Great Zenonia-style graphics
  • Touch screen controls



Mana Chronicles seems to blend both the action and RPG genres nicely, giving you a good dose of both while keeping plenty of eye candy on-screen. The action is fast at times with having you attack multiple enemies at the same time, almost as if they come in waves.

The game isn’t set to be released until Dec. 15th, 2010 onto the Android Market. Those of you who enjoy the Zenonia series of games by Gamevil will probably also enjoy this game. No word on pricing just yet but basing a guess off their previous game, Phoenix Spirit, you can expect a price tag between $2-$3.

Developer Website: Spearhead Entertainment


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