News’s Action-RPG Juggernaut Wars gets its biggest update yet

Back in February of this year released their Action-RPG onto Android called Juggernaut Wars. Besides being an Action-RPG, this game also features MOBA-style mechanics, all of which is based in the world from a previous game by called Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering.

In case you missed our previous article on this game, Juggernaut Wars has players assembling a team of their chosen heroes before heading out to explore the world of Haradan. If you enjoy the lore behind games, this one begins with the land of Haradan falling into civil war, with the population being divided into two factions: the League and the Cohort. You’ll be heading out into the world to find out what happened to the previous ruler who has now mysterious disappeared, which in turn created this civil war.

This new update, which is apparently designed around user feedback, will bring with it a full clan system. This means players will now be able to team up and create their own guild, or join an existing one. Members of the same guild will also be able to participate in the new Guild Raids, where players will be going up against the more dangerous enemies within Haradan.

Members of the same clan can also contribute to unlocking new abilities, leveling them up to become stronger once unlocked. The abilities will be accessible to all clan mates once they are unlocked. There are new clan rewards for all the victories achieved side by side with friends. As you group up with friends, you will earn points that can be traded in for new powerful fighters, including the herald of death Arzgar, the spirit of flame Hitay, and the Naga prince Amok.

Outside of the new clan system features, this update also brings with it new animations and a fully reworked user interface. There also are a few tweaks to the gameplay itself including faster Elixir usage and auto battle mode for challenges.

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