Adrenaline by Gamestring goes into a second round of closed beta testing

Last year we reported on Gamestring and their Adrenaline service which would allow you to stream your games from your PC to your Android device to play them. It came along with a demonstration of World of Warcraft of an HTC Desire which looked to run fairly well.

That was back in the Alpha phase for Adrenaline and since then it has come a long way already having a first round of closed beta testing happening earlier this year. Before there was a lot of potential with this service but now there is even more, especially for Android 3.1 tablets or higher that come with USB host support which will allow you to use controllers to play games.

The difference between this and something like Splashtop Remote Desktop is that with Splashtop Remote Desktop you are only able to stream from your computer to your Android device using your own network. Adrenaline works more like OnLive in the sense that it is using the cloud to stream your games to your Android device making it accessible to you anywhere you have a signal. Unlike OnLive though, Adrenaline will stream your own games from your PC to your Android device whereas OnLive offers the games that are playable for streaming.

Another interesting feature is the ability for Adrenaline to capture your gameplay session and post it in your profile on Gamestring for others to view should you want to do that with a feature called”PlayCast”. You can also broadcast your gameplay to services such as Justin.TV as well.

With the way hardware is going these days with Android devices (dual- and quad-core), support for periphials like controllers and streaming services coming out way, it won’t be long before we will be able to play just about any game we want, console/PC or any other format. We are in the second beta group so expect to see a lot of working example videos coming your way shortly. Currently we are just waiting for the new build of the software to become available for download.

Until then though, enjoy this recap of World of Warcraft on the HTC Desire using the Alpha build of Adrenaline in the video above. If you are interested in trying to get into future rounds of the closed beta, the sign-up page is still available although we are not sure how many spots are open and for what round of testing the sign-up is for. For those of you curious, it does come with support for the Xperia Play controls as well.

Developer Website: Gamestring Adrenaline

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