AdventRush – Real bullet-curtain STG arcade game

Being dubbed as a “Real Bullet-curtain STG arcade game for Android” by developer AblazeDream, AdventRush is a fast-paced space shooting game where you spend almost as much time dodging an array of bullets coming at your from enemies as you do actually shooting at them. You also get to pick up a gratuitous amount of coins and power-ups.

Graphically, AdventRush is pretty good mixing a bit of anime with some nice 2D/3D graphics. There are lot of different enemies to blow up and lots of power-ups to collect along with coins, life and other items to help you not die within 10 seconds of playing. Definitely a challenging top-down shooter game.


  • Great graphics
  • 2 Characters with different stats to choose from
  • Touch screen controls
  • Loads of power-ups, coins and abilities to get
  • Loads of enemies to kill or be killed by
  • Full voice, sound effects and background music


AdvertRush poses a unique challenge to even the most hardcore gamer: Play it for hours to get good at it or play it until you get pissed off and want to throw your phone. It really is a true bullet-curtain style of game since there really isn’t a part in the game where you aren’t trying to dodge a slew of incoming fire. The controls are all touch screen and are fairly responsive although at times I couldn’t see the little character flying on his spaceboard.

There is so much going on during some stages of gameplay that it is hard to keep track of everything, that is what makes it great though. It’s not an easy game. You can pick up a demo version off the Android Market for free or grab the full version for $2.91.

Developer Website: AblazeDream

Direct Market Download: AdventRush

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