Aether Gazer Is Out Tomorrow And Has Code Vein Vibes

Feature image for our Aether Gazer news piece, which shows a screen from the release trailer. It shows a female character crouched with a sword ready, in a virtual world with geometric walls and lines of silver light.

New RPG Aether Gazer sits poised to hit Google Play tomorrow. A new trailer just dropped, showing some of its stars in action. If you’re already on the hype train, you can pre-download now and beat the rush. If you’re not one of the initiated, we’re going to give you the lowdown on this new title.

A World Where Absolutely No-One Touches Grass

Aether Gazer is an action RPG gacha game set in a bleak future. The environment of Earth collapsed under the weight of an apocalyptic event called ‘The Disaster’. With the planet nearly uninhabitable, humanity escaped into cyberspace, uploading people’s minds into the orbiting AI known as Gaea.

Within this virtual world, the remnants of humanity got to start afresh and create an ideal society, Idealbild. However, things aren’t as simple as that, and the citizens of Idealbild find themselves in terrible danger.

Their digital realm isn’t immune to attack, as dangerous viruses, called Visbanes, skulk around in the Source Layer below, plotting humanity’s downfall.

As a player, you take control of members of Aether Gazer, an organization dedicated to hunting down the problem Visbanes and protecting society from collapse.

Action RPG That Leans Into The Action Side

Aether Gazer is an action-heavy game, where you control organization of agents in 3D real-time combat. The fights are a fast-paced affair, with dodging mechanics that make you consider your position and timing. Don’t get too greedy with your melee strikes, or you can get punished.

The mechanics remind us a little of Code Vein, and we mean that as a compliment.

Different playable characters offer very varied gameplay, with different kinds of weapons in use. You’ll find yourself adopting a bunch of different playstyles as you switch. Other characters can act as companions, and provide some valuable assists.

This all comes wrapped up in an impressively pretty package, with fully-rendered environments and characters that take full advantage of NPR technology.

Is this not your cup of tea? There are options. Check out our best new Android games this week for other new releases that might be more your speed.

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