Movie spin-off After Earth: The Mobile Game will be arriving this Summer

Based off of the upcoming After Earth movie, Jump Games will be bringing an official After Earth mobile game to Android and iOS this Summer. This particular game blends action gaming with endless running and even flying at times.

While there isn’t a whole lot of details right now regarding this game, we do have a teaser trailer available to view which shows us some of the gameplay including the rather good looking 3D graphics, both the running and flying aspects of the game as well as the action part. The combat will have you slashing at enemies as you are running or flying along, collecting coins which are most likely used for boosters and power-ups.

There will also be two different game modes to play. There is basically a story mode, where you will be following the storyline as you play through the game, and survival mode which is basically an endless running game as we have described already above.

After Earth: The Mobile Game is slated for release on both Android and iOS this Summer but no exact release date has been given. It will also most like be free with optional IAPs available in similar style to Temple Run.

Developer Website: Jump Games

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