Aftermagic: Roguelike Deckbuilding for Fans of Slay the Spire

The feature image of the news on Afterimage is a character from the game with dark hair weilding a sword and a scarred eye and the title of the game at the bottom.

Aftermagic is a roguelike RPG launched on April 17, 2024, gaining plenty of attention since its release. It’s a mix of strategic deck building and roguelike cave crawling.

Every card in Aftermagic possesses distinct capabilities, such as Shield of Fire and invincibility. Mixing these cards is crucial for success. As you advance in the game, you will acquire new cards and various techniques and better your deck to defeat progressively tricky opponents.

This universe is filled with mythology, varied locations, and memorable personalities. Additionally, you will discover hidden information, establish partnerships, and make decisions that will determine your future. Anticipate, as the course you choose may yield unforeseen repercussions!

Harness The Cards

With each upgrade, your cards transform into formidable weapons, empowering your collection. As your deck strengthens, so does your confidence, allowing you to face even the most formidable adversaries.

You will also encounter non-player characters who will challenge your abilities. Strategic thinking is crucial, as each enemy you face will employ distinct strategies. Modifying plans according to the adversary you encounter by manipulating playing cards.

What’s more, this title is bursting with challenging missions teaming with powerful enemies which hoard concealed treasures.

Critical Reception

While a few issues have been identified and are steadily being addressed, most players concur that the fundamental gameplay is pleasant. According to a few reviewers, the game has potential. Resolving a few visual anomalies is all it requires. It’s a highly refined and tactical deck builder—worth exploring, particularly considering it is free! 

Now, there’s a flip side. Some gamers have noticed that drawing inspiration from other games, such as Slay the Spire and the energy system, may vex the card upgrade system.

Find out if you agree by checking out the game trailer on their official website or by downloading the game on Google Play! Before you go, check out the scoop on Ready to Climb? Pre-register for LEGO Hill Climb Adventures!

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