AGC 2: Qualifying round update! Yes it will be starting!

So lots of people have signed up already for AGC#2 which is great already. Want a specific number? Well let’s just say it is already over last year’s amount which was 450+. So you are all eagerly waiting to start the qualifying round with your devices at the ready yes?

Well we have a bit of news regarding the beginning of AGC#2. We are delaying the start of it by a few weeks. We will be starting AGC#2 qualifying round July 1st, 2011. Why the delay? Well it is for a really good reason. We have a lot of sponsors and some have just jumped on board at the last minute which means we have to help them get organized and ready as well. This also means more prizes for you as well.

We have devices, swag and a lot more as prizes with more coming on board as I mentioned above bringing even more stuff for you to win. So even though waiting sucks, it is well worth the wait! If you haven’t registered yet, why the hell not? Head over to the registration page and get signed up! This time it is open to everyone regardless of location, not US only residents. Good Luck!

To make up for the slight delay, we will be giving away prizes to people strictly registered for AGC#2! We will be doing this throughout the course of the next few weeks so don’t be surprised if you get an email that you’ve won stuff already! Keep your eyes peeled for ways to win!

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