AGC1 – Round 3 Results – Next!

As each round end the competition gets tougher and much more fierce. This round was no exception to that rule as Round 3 has some very close scores from everyone. For this round Farm Frenzy AGC Edition was played and this one required time, strategy and patience along with quick fingers. The results are in and it seems we will be having a sudden death round for 2 players!

2 players, Ambiature and Mober22, need to fight it out for the final spot in the semi-finals 3-way battle round! So while they battle it out, everyone else gets to take an extra day off from competition. This should be one seriously good battle between these two players.

I won’t be announcing the game for the next round for everyone in this post. A separate post will be made once these two finish fighting for the last spot. I do, however, want to send everyone a congrats who competed in this round. It was definitely one of the harder rounds and everyone did a fantastic job. You should all be proud!

So without further delay on my part, here is what the ladder currently looks like for the next round with one spot up for grabs still. I will be emailing both Ambiature and mober22 shortly with what they will be doing to battler for the last spot.

Click image to enlarge

So the rest of the players get to enjoy a little break for right now. Enjoy it while you’ve got it, you’ll need the break as competition is only going to get tougher as the next full round is the semi-finals and from there the finals where we will name our Champion!

Good luck everyone and thank you to all our developers, gamers and sponsors who have been working very hard to make this happen!

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