AGC#2: Round 5 is over! The Final Results are in! Who is the champion?

Well the final round is over and the results are in. This was a pretty crazy battle for just about every spot on the Top 5, especially for the two crazy people in first and second spot. However, there can only be one winner, one champion. So who is that champion?

Here are the results for Round 5:

  1. 0xdiff – 13240
  2. MJM128 – 5673
  3. wyalazca – 3408
  4. Wardawg75 – 3278
  5. Regor412 – 3235


Final standings for AGC#2:

  1. 0xdiff – 23pts
  2. MJM128 – 22pts
  3. Regor412 – 13pts
  4. wyalazca – 9pts
  5. Wardawg75 – 5pts


So the winner and champion for AGC#2 is 0xdiff who wins the Champion prize pack. Only one point separates first and second place it was that close of a battle. Depending on what 0xdiff selects as part of his prize, he either wins a XOOM or EVO 2 gaming console system along with a slew of other prizes. MJM128 will get either a XOOM or the EVO 2 depending on what 0xdiff picks. Congrats to everyone though who won and everyone who tried to participate. It was definitely not an easy game. For instance, to get a score over 6k usually takes about 2 1/2-3 hours of straight game playing. That’s a lot of time but hey, this was the endurance challenge!

AGC#3 will be starting later this year so if you didn’t win this round, get ready and get practicing for the next one! AGC#3 will be the action gaming tournament but that’s all we are going to give to everyone as a hint!

Don’t forget to say thanks to our sponsors for this round which include Spacetime Studios, Envizions Inc, Lookout Mobile Security, nVidia, Perfect World Entertainment and OrangePixel! They all made this happen so definitely give them a thank you when you get a chance!

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