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Age of Conquest Beta Online

If you like turn based strategy games like Risk then you’ve probably had a go at the Age of Conquest series by Noble Master Games on your Android phone. Well the one feature that everyone has wanted and waited patiently for is now here. Age of Conquest Online is now available on the Android Market for free.

In this version of Age of Conquest, it’s played in PBEM-style which for anyone who doesn’t know what PBEM stands for, it means Play By Email. What this means is even though the game is a real-time multi-player strategy game your actions don’t have to be immediately done when an opposing player makes a move. So just because I make my moves doesn’t mean you have to make yours right away, you could make them tomorrow. This provides some really long and very deep strategy style games.

When you get the app you’ll get a 7-day free trial and can purchase 3/6/12 month subscriptions for a pretty decent price. $4-3months, $6-6 months and $10-12 months, all three can be purchased on the Android Market. Also this is not just a mobile game and as far as I know this allows you to play with people who are also using the desktop client to play as well as the iPhone so there should always be a lot of games going that you can join, or start your own. There is also Standings, Hall of Fame and Tournaments to participate in.

HOWEVER, due to this being in beta, if you get it now, subscriptions to all volunteers will be free until the end of the month so now is definitely the time to get it.

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