AGN Episode #9: Madden 12, Sonic CD, Tree Maker and ZIXXBY! and more.

It’s finally time for another episode of the Android Gaming News video series from our friend AndroidAtNight. It’s a day late since he was off having fun at some gaming festival that none of us got to go to so feel free to shake a fist in anger at him.

In this episode of AGN, AndroidAtNight goes over the past week of news including Sonic CD, ZIXXBY!, Tree Maker and more. Plenty of indie gaming going on over the past week since today so there is lots to cover. Also plenty of Tegra news including Sprinkle by Mediocre and the new Tegra Zone market website. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of AGN, complete will a fluffy teddy bear.

As always, if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, just head over to AndroidAtNight’s YouTube Channel.

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