Akaneiro: Demon Hunter multiplayer action-RPG gets new in-game footage video

One game we are eagerly awaiting release and had recently launched beta sign-ups is for Spicy Horse Games’ upcoming multiplayer action-RPG title called Akaneiro: Demon Hunter. As a short recap for those of you who have missed our previous coverage, in this game you will be playing as a member of an elite society of demon hunters called The Order of Akane. You mission will be to set out and cleanse a village of Yokai in a world set in the Edo period of Japan, inspired by ancient demons, with hand-painted visuals.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunter visually looks impressive with a sort of hand-painted by cel-shaded type of look to it. The in-game footage is part of an interview by who sat down with Ben Kerslake from Spicy Horse Games. The interview itself actually tells us a lot about the story line while we get to watch some rather excellent looking gameplay. We also get to learn a little bit about the skill system which should allow hybrid builds of classes. Multiplayer can either be asynchronous or synchronous depending if your friends are online. PvP and co-op are both planned.

If you weren’t excited for Akanerio: Demon Hunter yet, now you probably will be. When this game is released, it will be for tablets only. It will be a free-to-play game but Spicy Horse Games promises that it won’t be of the naggy, spammy, unbalancing kind. You can still sign-up to get into the beta over at the game’s official website.

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