Alawar releases a new sliding puzzle game onto Android called Tomb Slider

Alawar Entertainment released another game onto Android last week keeping up with their recent trend of breaking away from hidden object games as well as their other usual type of titles. This new game is a sliding puzzle game called Tomb Slider which is available for free off of the Google Play Store.

This particular sliding puzzle game has you moving around barriers in order to successfully move the tomb in each stage over to the exit. Once you have managed to get the tomb to the exit, by clearing a path moving the barriers around, you will then move on to the next one.

Tomb Slider Features:

– 360 levels
– Four level packs of varying difficulty
– Relax mode with no time limits
– Stunning graphics and vibrant sound
– OpenFeint support
– More levels and cool features coming soon!

There are different types of game modes to choose from whether you like to race against the clock or just take your time with no time limit for you to worry about. Currently Tomb Slider comes with a rather large amount of levels, 360 to be exact if you unlock the entire game. Alawar Entertainment also has more levels on the way that will be arriving in future updates.

For those of you who like puzzle games, especially of the slider variety, then you might want to check this new one out. You can download Tomb Slider off of the Google Play Store for free to try out. You can unlock addition chapters individually or the entire game through in-game purchases.

Developer Website: Alawar Entertainment

Google Play Link: Tomb Slider

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