Albion Online Coming to the Play Store Next Week

A mobile version of medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG Albion Online has been bubbling along under the radar for a while now. But we can reveal that the game is set to launch on the Play Store next week. On June 9th to be precise.

This isn’t going to be a squidged down or altered version, either, it’s the full PC version of the game in the palm of your hand. Albion Online Mobile will offer full cross-platform play and progression. You can switch from the mobile version to the home version whenever you want, and have exactly the same experience.

All of this was revealed in a new developer video. If you’re interested in finding out more about Albion Online, we highly recommend you give it a watch. We’ve embedded the video below this paragraph.

All players of Albion Online will receive a unique mount skin and tomes worth 100,000 fame when the mobile game goes live, to celebrate the launch of the cross play.

Albion Online is a pretty unique MMO proposition. It’s driven by its player economy, and rather than focusing on fetch quests, it’s all about conquering a world. There’s classless character development, and loads of PvP and PvE experiences.

You can pre-order Albion Online from the Google Play Store right now by clicking here. And click here to discover more about the mobile version at the official Albion Online website.

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