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Alice in Chains is the Next Adventure Quest 3D Battle Concert, and it’s Live Now

Adventure Quest 3D has received the latest Battle Concert, and this time it’s metal band Alice in Chains.

If you haven’t heard of either, Adventure Quest 3D is a mobile and PC MMORPG and its Battle Concert events provide an opportunity for the community to come together to listen to music from a specific band and battle monsters.

Grab Yourself Some Loot by Participating in the Alice in Chains Battle Concert in Adventure Quest 3D

That’s right, monsters will try and spoil the concert but you can stop them. Battle them and you’ll earn exclusive loot, including a giant treasure chest for defeating the boss at the end.

The Battle Concert is free for everyone who wants to participate though you can grab a backstage pass to take in-game selfies with the band.

You can also purchase the whole item collection, which includes armour sets, musical weapons, pets, mounts, and more.

The Battle Concert will run at pre-determined times between November 7-30, and you can run it numerous times for loot. Grab Adventure Quest 3D on Google Play right now.

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