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Alien: Isolation Out Now on the Play Store

Just under a month after it was first announced, hide-and-seek survival horror classic Alien: Isolation has landed on the Play Store. So if you want to try and survive a ruined space station while being stalked by a terrifying xenomorph, all from the comfort of your phone, you’re in luck.

The mobile version of the game has been poked and tweaked to make it work better on touchscreen. There’s a massively customizable UI that lets you tailor the controls to your fingers. And there’s controller and mouse and keyboard support as well.

The game includes all of the DLC that’s been released for Alien: Isolation, including Last Survivor, which lets you play out Ellen Ripley’s final ill-fated mission on the Nostromo.

You’ll need a device that’s running Android 10 with at least 11GB of free space to play this one. And the dev recommends having at least 22GB, which is quite a lot. Devices that aren’t powerful enough to play Isolation will be blocked form purchasing it.

You can click here to download Alien: Isolation from the Play Store. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $14.99.

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