Alien vs Predator: Evolution slated for release for Android on February 28th

Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games have finally come out to announce an official release date for their upcoming Alien vs Predator: Evolution game for Android devices. We’ve talked about this game a few times in the past but in case you missed what this game is about, players will be following the story revolving around the whole Alien vs Predator universe.

Players will actually be following the story from the perspectives of both the Aliens as well as the Predators, switching between the two of them. There are also pesky humans involved as well. AVP: Evolution is a true action game with 3D visuals so you’ll see plenty of blood and guts everywhere. You’ll also have ‘finishing moves’ to do such as pulling out someones spine as a Predator. Unique skills for both species is also available in-game to use when hunting down your prey.

AVP: Evolution Features:

– Play as an Alien & Predator: Two distinctive gaming experiences, incorporating unique characters with numerous abilities
– Rich Sci-Fi Universe: A gripping campaign draws players deeper into the world of AVP: EVOLUTION
– 5 Unique Environments & 24 Levels: Kill or be killed as you advance through the Temple Arena, the Marine Base, the Alien Hive, and more!
– A Proven Developer: Angry Mob Games has a proven track record developing popular titles like Guerrilla Bob, Muffin Knight and PREDATORS
– Upgradeable Characters: Create your own ultimate killing machine with character upgrades and enhanced abilities
– Unity Graphics Engine: Rich detail, advanced character models and distinctive lighting makes AVP: EVOLUTION a showcase title for new Android phones & tablets

So now we have a fixed release date for Alien vs Predator: Evolution, we won’t have to wait and guess when it will arrive. As of right now there is no word on how much it will cost when the game does launch.

Developer Website: Angry Mob Games

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