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Here’s an interesting little app that was just released in the games section of the Android market. All About Games, developed by Entropycs, is a forum/social app that deals with not just Android games but gaming on all platforms. You can also create surveys and polls to get peoples opinion about anything gaming related or ask about cheats to games or tip and tricks.

You can also attach images to your post and you can also share your questions on Facebook or Twitter. Some features include:

  • Post new comments and view everyone else questions and comments.
  • Attach pictures taken directly from your camera or your library.
  • Use Facebook to share the most interesting posts.
  • Receive comments from your Facebook friends directly to your phone.
  • Make polls and view statistics.
  • You can also follow @allaboutgames on Twitter to read the latest posts.

This is a port from their iPhone version and has the same functionality as the iPhone version with a slight difference in visual style (just different graphic colors for the options). It’s a neat little app worth giving a shot if you are a casual or hardcore gamer and want to have your say on games or help other people out by supplying tips and tricks.

It’s free to download off the market so no harm in trying this app out.

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRAllAboutGames.png{/rokbox}

Developer Website: Entropycs

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