Alpha Squadron blazes onto Android in full 3D aerial dogfighting glory

While we are not 100% sure if this is a revamped version of the classic 1984 Alpha Squadron game or not but Martian Monkey has done an excellent job either way with their release of Alpha Squadron onto Google Play today. This game has you strapping into your own ship and taking part of aerial dogfights out in space.

In Alpha Squadron you will be going up against the evil Hadian Empire, going through multiple missions that take you all over space to take part in aerial dogfights. It isn’t all in space through as some of the story and missions take place planetside. Missions will range of rescuing people, capturing enemies to outright killing everything in sight.

In a way this game actually reminds us of an old Star Wars game with some of the missions you will be doing such as taking down turrets as you fly through a base on a planet and so on. Visually, the graphics are pretty slick and the overall gameplay is pretty fast-paced, as it should be with this type of game.

If you’re up for a little space aerial dogfighting action, you can grab a copy of Alpha Squadron off of Google Play for $2.99. You can see the game in action in the video below as well.

Google Play Link: Alpha Squadron

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