Alter the Earth’s orbit on your Android Wear Device, to avoid celestial collisions in Wear Orbit

Released by Teensy Studios, Wear Orbits is a new game for Android Wear. The idea, as well as the gameplay, are simple. Players are in control of an earth-like planet that is orbiting its star. As this celestial body is revolving happily, it will come across other planets, meteors, et al, that will need avoiding to prevent an astronomical collision.

Players will preserve this planet by tapping either inside or outside of the ring that denotes the current trajectory of the planet; doing so will cause the planet to switch to the inner or outer orbit respectively, in the hopes of preserving the planet. There’s no apparent end to the game, so much as the game is set to see how long a player can keep going.

Apparently there is a risk of your Android Wear device “timing out” before the player needs to change orbit, thus interrupting gameplay. Wear Orbits is available for free with optional IAPs as well.

Website Referenced: Android Central

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