Amanita Design’s Comedy Adventure Game Chuchel is Less Than Half Price on Android, Along with Machinarium


Chuchel, the acclaimed comedy adventure game from Amanita Design, is currently less than half price on Google Play. 

Released in 2018, Chuchel is a truly bizarre game in which your goal is to help a black, hairy, happy ball get a juicy red cherry. Whenever Chuchel gets close, the cherry is snatched from his grasp, by a translucent monster, or a giant hand, or whatever.

Like all of Amanita’s adventure games, Chuchel has a distinctive art style and a high level of polish. It’s genuinely funny, too, in a surreal but universal way, and its puzzles all make sense intuitively despite actually making no sense whatsoever.

You can pick up Chuchel for $1.99 right now, and as a special treat the equally great Machinarium is also on sale at the same price. 

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