Amazing Alex isn’t the only new game Rovio is coming out with this year

Rovio keeps popping up in the news on a regular basis even when it isn’t revolving around their Angry Birds franchise. Apparently Rovio has more than just Amazing Alex in the works for release this year which further solidifies Rovio’s attempt at expanding their catalog of games past Angry Birds.

Last month Rovio acquired the rights to Casey’s Contraptions, a popular physics-based puzzle game on iOS, and are planning on revamping the game, renaming it Amazing Alex and relaunching it on multiple platforms including Android. So what will these new games be? Well like any good piece of news, right now Rovio isn’t saying a whole lot.

Still this year we will see more Rovio games. I can’t really talk too much about them at this point. – Ville Heijari, Rovio speaking to CNN

Rovio, up until now, have been stuck in the Angry Birds world both with new games and updates as well as mechanizing the ever living hell out of the franchise. This expansion of their catalog with non-Angry Birds titles is their attempt at bringing fresh meat to their company. In the two years since the Angry Birds original game was released, the company has expanded from 12 employees to over 350.

Before Angry Birds, Rovio had actually published a fair amount of somewhat successful mobile games. It’ll be interesting to see what a new, much larger budget will do for their future attempts at non-Angry Birds themed games. Amazing Alex is still set for its big launch this July.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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