Amazon Fire TV Update Brings More Games and Screen Mirroring

A new update is available for the Amazon Fire TV that brings more games to the Android based set-top box.

The update, which can be downloaded now,brings more “tablet style” games that can be played using the Amazon Fire Game Controller, or any other compatible device. According to our source, which a link to can be found below, Amazon says there are now 44 tablet games that have been optimized for Fire TV.

Also added in this most recent update is Miracast support. This allows users of other Miracast devices to stream content from their respective phone or tablet. This had previously only been possible with only other Amazon devices.

I have never owned any Amazon Android device, be it a Fire TV or HDX tablet, and I still don’t find the Fire TV an appealing option as my choice for Android set top box due to the more closed off nature of the Amazon App Store. If there is one thing their once main competitor Barnes and Noble did right with the Nook HD, now replaced by Samsung Nooks, was its ability to access Google Play.

Website Referenced: Digital Trends

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