Amazon Free Game Jan. 2nd, 2012: Beaver’s Revenge – The beaver edition of Angry Birds

Today Amazon has another free game up for grabs for those of you who have access to their App Store. This time around it is a game called Beaver’s Revenge by Twisted Games which is an Angry Birds clone although it does come with some interesting differences.

The controls are pretty much what you would expect in an Angry Birds clone, so you will be shooting different animals like fish and skunks instead of birds, knocking down structures in the hopes to kill your enemies which vary from robots or lumberjacks instead of pigs.

Beaver’s Revenge Features:

– Take revenge on the lumberjacks in this physics-based slingshot game
– Launch 6 unique forest critters and destroy the constructions protecting the lumberjacks
– Progress through 4 different worlds and 80 unlockable levels
– Enjoy 3D graphics and playful sound effects
– Submit high scores and earn achievements with OpenFeint

While the gameplay mechanics and over idea of Beaver’s Revenge happens to be heavily influenced by Angry Birds, the theme if different and so are the graphics which are rendered in 3D instead of the cartoon style graphics Angry Birds sport. While this is a clone basically, the developers have made it their own which is how a clone should be done if you really want to make a clone of a game.

So if you are up for a little physics-based puzzle action this first week of 2012, and have access to the Amazon App Store, then head over there and check this game out. It’s free today but if you happen to miss it being free you can buy it any other day for $0.99. For those of you without access to the Amazon App Store, you can buy this game on the Android Market for $0.99 as well.

Developer Website: Twisted Games

Amazon Market Link: Beaver’s Revenge

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