Amazon Free Game of the Day – April 28th: Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim. You’ll want to grab this.

Herocraft has published some of the more original and fun games available on Android such as Farm Frenzy, Yumsters and Art of War 2. Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim is another one of their great games available for Android and is one of their newest ones as well. Today though you can snag it for free off the Amazon App Store.

A mix between a sim and RTS game (what is it with RTS games today?), Majesty features plenty to do and a ton of replay value. it also follows the tradition of Herocraft games having highly detailed pixel graphics. This isn’t your ordinary sim/RTS game though. Your heros in-game will actually do as they please unless you pay them enough money, at which point, they’ll actually do the quests or kill what needs to be killed. In fact, the citizens all live their lives as they see fit.

It will also have events that happen in game that you will have to overcome, some of them being pretty crazy such as your currency changing from gold to cookies! Each level has specific tasks at hand that need to be completed as well to further yourself, and your kingdom, in the game.



  • Legendary indirect control strategy fully adapted for mobile platforms
  • 10 types of heroes with dozens of statistics, weapons, and armor
  • 12 different monster types
  • Dozens of spells
  • 30 upgradeable buildings


If you are looking for a good RTS game to play, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. It offers a great twist on the standard RTS gaming format with how the AI works. You can grab this off Amazon’s App Store right now for free today. If you miss the sale though, you can always grab the lite version off the Android Market for free to try out before buying the full version for $3.28.

Developer Website: Herocraft

Amazon Market Link: Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim

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