Amazon Free Game Today Nov. 28th: Dabble HD – A challenging little word game

While it is indeed Cyber Monday and we’ve already posted some game deals over on the Amazon App Store yesterday which are still on sale today as well, today’s free game is an Amazon exclusive title called Dabble HD from INI LLC. You get 20 letters in which you will need to spell words out of.

But it isn’t just a matter of spelling words out of the 20 letters you’re given to do that with but also you need to spell words of variously length such as 4-letter word, 5-letter and so on. You don’t have to get all five words (ranging from 2 letter words all the way up to 6) but the more you get before the time runs out, the more points you score. This is created by the makers of the actual board game Dabble.

Dabble HD Features:

  • Form 5 different words of varying lengths out of an array of 20 letters
  • Earn points based on how many you make in a set amount of time
  • Unlock badges based on your accomplishments



This is a great word game for those of you who are fans of this type of game and although it seems simple, it can actually get pretty challenging. It’s also a great time killer whether for five minutes or an hour. So while you’re checking out all the Cyber Monday deals over at Amazon, Android related or otherwise, you might as well nab this game if you have access to the Amazon App Store. For those of you who don’t have access, unfortunately it’s not available on the Android Market, not yet anyways.

On a side note: We will keep an eye out for Halfbrick’s Puss in Boots which is also supposed to be free today on the Amazon App Store but has not yet arrived. When it does we will be sure to post and let everyone know.

Developer Website: INI LLC

Amazon Market Link: Dabble HD

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