Amazon gets into the mobile game developing/publishing industry, also a second free game today on the App Store

Well here is some interesting information after doing a bit of digging that we came up with. Working on a tip from a reader, there is a second game available on the Amazon App Store that is free today called Airport Mania: First Flight. What is even more interesting than that is who it is published by: Amazon Digital Services Inc.

Apparently Amazon has gotten into the mobile game publishing industry not just with the App Store but as an actual developer/publisher of Android games. Going under the name Reflexive Entertainment, ADSI (Amazon Digital Services Inc) has been publishing games for other platforms and content for the Kindle for awhile (since 2001). It seems as though, thanks to Amazon releasing the App Store, that now they have a direct outlet for their own games for Android.


The object of Airport Mania is to make sure all your passengers are happy. You do this by managing the airport and making sure flights land and take off properly and in a timely fashion. As you progress and become successful, the money you earn can be used to upgrade your airport. You will be award to medals as you accomplish new feats such as landing a new type of plane at your airport and there are plenty of upgrades and power-ups at your disposal:

  • VIP layover spaces, which will keep customers happier while waiting for an open gate to unload or load passengers
  • VIP runways, which make landing and takeoff combos easier to obtain
  • Painting layover spaces, which let you coat a plane in a fun new color for strategy and customer satisfaction
  • New and improved gates, which let you land more customers and unload and load passengers faster
  • In-flight movies, which satisfy your customers waiting overhead for a clear landing
  • Much more!


You can pick this up off the Amazon App Store today for free but should you miss the free period, you can still try it out before you buy it in a lite version that is free as well.

Thanks Justin G. for the tip!

Developers Website: Amazon Digital Services Inc a.k.a Reflexive Entertainment

Amazon Market Link: Airport Mania: First Flight

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