Amazon is giving away $140 in free games and apps in a new bundle

Amazon has bundled up past Android applications and games that have at one point been on the company’s Free App of the Day feature. In total the bundle has over $140 worth of free apps and games for you to sift through and download the ones you want… or all of them just because you can.

There are some pretty awesome games in this bundle as well including multi-award nominated 80 Days, Cut The Rope: Experiments, Bag It! (Ad Free premium edition), Back To Bed, and Sorcery 2! just to name a few examples. There’s a few good apps on there as well such as Guitar Pro, Shazam Encore, Smart RAM Boost, and one of those crazy scientific/financial calculator combos.

In total there are 37 games and apps available for free. This bundle is only for a limited time and Amazon has announced when it will end so better grab what you want now instead of risking missing it.

Amazon Marketplace: Free App of the Day Bundle

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