Amazon makes their new 4K Fire TV unit official this morning. Gaming Edition pre-orders live.

Almost a week ago exactly, Amazon’s rumored new 4K Fire TV went through FCC filing, letting us take an early look at the company’s next set-top box. Today Amazon has officially announced their new 4K Fire TV unit, with two different packages being available at the beginning of October. One of those packages is being called Fire TV Gaming Edition.

Regardless of what package you go with, the hardware specs for the actual unit are pretty much the same. Where the difference comes into play is that the Gaming Edition comes with a controller as well as two games and some other goodies. The regular package is just the set-top box and remote. Both packages will feature the new 4K set-top box, which Amazon is stating will have 75% more processing power and twice the GPU performance over the original Fire TV.

The Gaming Edition is what we are focusing on, and that comes with the new 4K set-top box, the remote, a new redesigned controller (including a audio jack and voice search features), a 32GB SDcard for extra storage, and two games – Shovel Knight and Disney’s Ducktales. Shovel Knight alone is a great game to have.

Depending on which package you want, you will either be paying $100 for the regular one, or $140 for the Gaming Edition. Both are scheduled to be available for purchase on October 5th, which is incidentally a couple of weeks before Apple’s new TV box comes out. Additional controllers for the new Fire TV will be available at $50 a pop. You can pre-order the Gaming Edition now.

Amazon Marketplace: Fire TV Gaming Edition (pre-orders)

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