Amazon offering up the Sprint Galaxy Nexus for $150

So far it seems like the Galaxy Nexus has seen its fair share of sales already on various carriers such as Verizon which was offering it up for $50 recently on Amazon and Wirefly. Now Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is on sale for new customers or any customers upgrading.

While it isn’t a smashing deal like when Verizon’s was going for $50, it is still a nice deal at $150. That means it is currently an extra $50 off of the normal contract pricing at Sprint. Just like most of Amazon’s phone deals, you will also get 2-day shipping when you purchase the Sprint Galaxy Nexus so you won’t be waiting long to fondle your new device.

As we mentioned earlier, this deal is available for all new customers on a 2-year contract or any existing customers who are upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. No word on when this deal will end so better to take advantage of it sooner than later.

Amazon Link: Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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