Amazon Wireless drops the beta tags, launches new features

Amazon Wireless has been steadily growing in popularity when it comes to grabbing a new Android device. With competition from other similar services, Amazon has done a pretty good job at establishing themselves as one of the major sites to buying Android devices. It’s been in beta for awhile now but today marks the dropping of those beta tags.

While you can get some stellar deals when signing up as a new customer for a new plan at a new carrier, upgrade options are also available for upgrading your current Android device at a cheaper rate then what you would pay through your carrier. Now that Amazon Wireless is out of beta tags, they have launched a few new features as well.

Price Guarantee – Pretty much what it sounds like. After buying a device from Amazon Wireless, if you find it at a lower price elsewhere within 14 days, they will credit your payment method (credit card, etc etc) with the difference in prices. Same goes if Amazon lowers their price on your new device within 14 days as well.
Free Premium Apps – Amazon is also making sure you can stock up on some goodies for your new Android device by giving anyone who buys a new Android device $25 dollars worth of premium apps. This is for a limited time only though.
Free Two-day shipping – Pretty self-explanatory. Domestic U.S. only.
Risk-free returns – Also fairly self-explanatory. If within 30 days (from shipping date) you want to return your device, you can for a full refund. This doesn’t include any early termination fees you may get from your carrier if you cancel your account with your carrier of course.
Instant Discount – If you buy a device from Amazon Wireless with service, the carrier discounts also come along with that purchase instantly.

So overall it seems Amazon Wireless will continue to grow with features like these coming on board. Of course if you want all the information and details about this, you can just head on over to Amazon Wireless. Out of curiosity, how many of our readers have actually purchased an Android device from Amazon Wireless? Let us know in the comments below if you have.

Website Reference: Android and Me

Official Website: Amazon Wireless

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