Amazon’s App Store now allowing developers to add in-app purchases

Amazon has announced that, through the use of their new API, developers can now integrate in-app purchases into their applications and games on the Amazon App Store. Amazon will also be accepting in-app purchases from users on both Android devices in general as well as the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has been hard at work it seems and now has a full in-app purchasing system available which means we will start to see a lot more free-to-play and freemium titles, game-wise anyways, making their way to the Amazon App Store for Android. Having developed their own in-app purchasing API, developers can now download an SDK for free to integrate this new feature into current and future titles that will be appearing on Amazon. Some game developers who are on board already include G5 Entertainment, Storm8 and SGN.

Some features that developers can add to their applications and games on Amazon using in-app purchases include expansion packs, virtual gaming currency or manage subscriptions from within individual applications. All of this is done in the usual one-click Amazon style as well. To learn more about the whole thing, check out the intro video above. If you want all the details about the SDK and how to integrate it into your applications and games, just head on over to the Amazon Developers Blog, linked below.

Perhaps soon they will actually expand the reach of the App Store to outside of the U.S soon now.

Website Referenced: Endgadget

Official Website: Amazon Developers Blog

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