Amazon’s Free Game of the Day – April 20th: The Moron Test!

Amazon’s free game of the day is the Moron Test by Distinct Devs. It has been out on the Android Market for some time and has been pretty popular. Featuring a wide variety of tests and puzzles for you to try and figure out, the Moron Test is a great time killer. Don’t worry if you don’t do well, the tests get really hard.

All the questions it asks are actually really simple but therein lies the difficulty in the game. Some are so simple that you over think them and end up choosing the wrong answer. Other times though, they are actually pretty hard but that doesn’t mean you’re a moron!


  • Spend hours working your way from Moron to Genius
  • Advance through attentiveness and logical reasoning
  • Laugh at a great cast of characters and a fun soundtrack
  • Share your experience on Feint, the social gaming network
  • Watch your friends wrestle with the test once you’ve mastered it



Usually the Moron Test is priced at $0.99 but for today it is free off the Amazon App Store for Android. It also comes with a few social features such as Facebook Connect and OpenFeint integration as well. While not a hardcore game to play, you can definitely kill some time, and possibly some self-esteem, playing the Moron Test.

Developer Website: Distinct Devs

Amazon Market Link: The Moron Test

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