Amazon’s Free Game of the Day – April 25th: Roller by Camel Games

Today over at the Amazon App Store there is a free game available for today’s free app of the day called Roller. Developed by Camel Games, Roller is a Skee ball game for your Android phone featuring some pretty nice graphics and gameplay. It also comes with a variety of table design too!

If, for whatever reason, you have never heard of Skee ball, it used to be pretty popular in arcades back in the day. You would bowl small balls down the ‘table’, launching them off the ramp at the end and trying to have them land in the slots worth the most points. Roller is just that but on your Android phone instead. However, unlike the arcade versions in real life, Roller lets you tilt your Android device to try and curve the ball into the slots.


  • Play the classic Skee Ball game
  • Choose between two game modes
  • Hear authentic game sounds
  • Use tilt to alter balls in play
  • Share scores globally



Usually priced at $0.99, today you can pick it up for free off the Amazon App Store if you have access to it. Should you miss out on this free game today, there is always the free version to try out on the Android Market before buying the full version. Not a bad little game if you are looking for something to play for a few minutes here and there.

Developer Website: N/A

Amazon Market Link: Roller

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