Amazon’s free game today is a neat action puzzler called Rope Rescue

We haven’t reported on the Amazon free game/app of the day in awhile which is due to the fact most of them recently, aside from a few notable exceptions, haven’t really been that amazing for one reason or another. However today’s free game is actually pretty entertaining and come to us courtesy of Untamed Games.

Rope Rescue is a neat little puzzle game that also combines elements from the action genre. You are charged with the task of rescuing the baby birds who have been kidnapped by the evil bats. You will need to drag a length of rope through a series of gears before attaching the rope to a cage in order to release the captive baby bird inside.

Rope Rescue Features:

– Puzzling levels will keep you wrapped up for hours
– Addictive gameplay with multiple solutions for each level
– Avoid flying knives, fire cannons, and–of course–the evil bats
– Collect or purchase butterflies to unlock later levels or provide hints to help you on your adventure
– Visit the bird sanctuary to see the cute baby birds you’ve rescued

It isn’t as easy as it sounds since not only do you have to figure out the whole rope/gear sequence but doing so while avoiding flying knives, cannon fire and other hazards coming at you. Also while doing all of this you will want to collect butterflies along the way so you can unlock more levels.

Even though it seems as of late Amazon’s free game/app of the day hasn’t had a whole lot of gems arriving on it, today seems to be a nice breath of fresh air with Rope Rescue. Just jump on over to the Amazon AppStore and grab it for free for today only. After today you can still get the game but it’ll cost you $2.99 instead of free. There is a free lite version to try out on Google Play as well as the full version for those of you who still can’t access the Amazon AppStore.

Amazon Market Link: Rope Rescue

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