Ambush – Tower Offense has now invaded Android today

A new tower offense game has arrived today on Google Play called Ambush!. Developed by Creative’s Mobile Fun Factory, this game lets you invade other players’ bases in a tower defense/offense style of gameplay. What this essentially means is that while you are building up your defenses for your realm, players can attack you and the same goes for you attacking other people.

This is a persistent game as well which means that while you are not playing the game, people game attack your base. The good news about this is that you will have a log which will tell you who attacked you while you were gone, allowing for some sweet revenge to happen. In terms of towers and units at your disposal, there is 20 different tower types available, each with their own amount of upgrade. There is also 20 different types of offensive units, each with their own special abilities.

Ambush! Features:

• Your own Citadel and many lands to conquer
• Ambush other player’s realms and take their resources for victory
• Realm chronicles: know who attacked you and what was the outcome.
• Evaluate other players’ progress and power score
• 20 tower types and upgrades – a variety of damage types
• 20 battle units and monsters with different perks. Combine them wisely to pass through defenses
• 5 land types to protect and mine resources
• Research and power increasing buildings – 8 battle stats to boost your power!
• Two battle grounds – Native and Inferno

This game also has Heroes available for the offensive portion which are basically generals which are much stronger than your typical units with special ‘perks’. Using these with the right combination of troops will allow you to defeat your opponents. Knowing their setup is also something you will need to do because randomly sending in troops will just get them massacred.

Ambush! is available on Google Play for free with optional IAPs available should you want to partake in them.

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