American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is Coming to Android this Fall

MY.GAMES has confirmed the development of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. In fact, you can pre-register for American Dad! Apocalypse Soon right now on the Google Play Store.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is Fallout Shelter but for American Dad fans

Aliens have landed in Langley Falls, except this time they aren’t willing to hide in your attic. The Smith family has been kidnapped, so it’s up to you and an army of Roger clones and save the Earth.

Train up your Rogers starting at the bottom with baseball bats and raccoon wands. Then work your way up to plasma revolvers and electric machine guns.

Not only is there a lengthy campaign written by the TV show writers, but there is also a PvP arena to battle with.

So if American Dad! Apocalypse Soon sounds like your type of game, you can pre-register now.

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