Can’t Touch This! American Rapper, A New Rapper Simulator, Hits Android

American Rapper

There’s a fresh beat in town! It’s American Rapper, a rapper simulator game by Oneteam Studio and Mateusz Wos. Whether you’re in line for coffee or chilling at home, your chance to live the rap star dream is now packed as a game.

Battle And Groove In American Rapper

You start off as a nobody in the game. Then, with the help of the game, you’re on a path to becoming a hip-hop mogul. You’re in your virtual studio, laying down tracks and mixing up beats as you begin crafting your journey from the bottom to the top of the charts.

No need to be a tech wiz to make beats in this game. It’s pretty simple to use with a friendly interface that lets anyone lay down some sick beats. The beat library and options for instruments are huge. The list of samples is also endless.

American Rapper is all about creativity, rhythm and competition. So, let’s talk about the competition part now. You can go toe-to-toe with AI rappers or go online to battle real people. You can try freestyle or a structured battle, the choice is yours. Win these battles to snag rewards, unlock cool stuff and etch your name in the annals of rap history.

It’s Not Just Rhytm, Customise Your Looks, Too!

Yes, American rapper lets you look the part, too. You can kit out your avatar with the latest fashion and coolest hairdos and ink some tattoos to set you apart from the crowd. You get plenty of choices for these attributes, so it won’t become boring soon.

If you’re into hip-hop, you can download it right now from the Google Play Store. It’s time to own the stage!

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