Among Us Gets a Huge Airship Map, but Players Are Not That Happy with the Game’s New Online Safety Features

Among Us, the popular sabotage-based multiplayer game from Innersloth, has just received a sizeable update.

The current version, which goes by the entirely sensible name of 2021.3.31, adds a whole new map. It’s called Airship, and it’s the biggest map in the game. It brings with it new tasks including jewel polishing, emptying trash, and so on. You can also now pick the room you start in.

Plus, there are “new tasks, improved mobility, and more areas to explore”.

On top of all that, Innersloth has added some online safety features. While these are always welcome, the reviews on the Google Play Store indicate that the restrictions have rubbed players up the wrong way.

Among Us now features a code of conduct and a reporting system. To access free chat, you’ll need to create an account and sign in. Otherwise you’re restricted to Quick Chat, the expressive capabilities of which are frustratingly limited. You also need an account to change your username.

None of that sounds too onerous to us, but the user reviews since the update went live are pretty much universally negative.

One says, ”  You have to use the quick chat, you cant type anymore. It makes it a hella lot harder to play. I did try playing for a while using the quick chat but it’s so slow”.

Another user writes, ” I used to love this game, then the quick chat update came along. Nothing could be discussed because nobody can talk properly and half the time votes are random.”

You can download Among Us for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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