Among Us Long Mode Is A New Mode Getting Crewmates Stretched Out!

Among Us Long Mode

I love Among Us, and if you’ve played it, you probably love it, too. It’s hilarious, cute and totally addictive. Now, they’ve made the game more fun with a new mode. It’s the Among Us Long Mode, or in other words, the Looooooong Mode!

Happy April Fools Week!

Innersloth is making the game more quirky with the new mode that’s stretching the fun to new lengths! This special event is called Happy April Fools, where the Crewmates are getting upgrades to necks-gen graphics!

Remember the horses from last year’s April Fools event? This time it’s more like giraffes! You might even get flashbacks to Undertale’s Lesser Dog with the way the characters are elongated. I wonder if it was actually inspired by the collaboration Among Us had with Undertale last year.

It’s up for a limited time only one week to be precise. In this Among Us Long Mode, you get to roam around as your favourite crewmates and imposters, but stretched out and long. And you thought the normal little astronauts were adorable? Wait until you see these stretchy variants.

Innersloth dropped a hilarious trailer showing what playing as noodle-fied characters will look like. The imposters snag a unique animation where they go all elastic, springing right off the screen to take out their unsuspecting victims. Catch a glimpse of the Among Us Long Mode trailer here!

Ever Played Among Us?

If not, you got to! Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction sim game created by InnerSloth. It launched in June 2018. There are two types of characters crewmates and imposters. Crewmates fix and task, imposters sneak and slay.

In simpler words, crewmates tirelessly tick off their to-do list while imposters look to turn the whole operation sideways. So, go ahead and grab the game from the Google Play Store if you love funny games.

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