An excellent dungeon crawler called Cardinal Quest has arrived with a little retro flair

If you are an RPG fan then you already know half the fun with RPG titles is crawling through dungeons and beating up on the monsters inside them while trying to obtain those epic loots you’ve always wanted. Well there is a new dungeon crawling game called Cardinal Quest that brings back some old school flair to dungeon crawling.

This is an arcade-style dungeon crawler so you begin with picking your hero from one of three classes: Fighter, Wizard and Thief. From there it is time to dive right into and start exploring dungeons looking for loot while handling the monsters who happen to be there preventing you for obtaining said loot.

All the controls for the most part are tap-based so all you have to do is tap to move your character around. If you want to engage in melee combat, tap your character so he moves into a monster. Same goes for casting a spell on them. You also have an entire inventory system as well as a stats system so your character improves as you progress further into the dungeon.

If you are looking for a little dungeon crawling fun while waiting for Pocket RPG to arrive onto other non-Xperia Play Android devices, you might want to check this game out. You can nab it off of the Google Play store for $1.99.

Thanks to Przemysław M. for the suggestion.

Google Play Link: Cardinal Quest

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