An Indie Dev Plans to Bring a Sea of Thieves-Like Experience to Mobile

A cannon firing at a tower and tearing chunks out of it.

Sea of Thieves fans, rejoice, as you may soon be able to take a the experience with you on the go at some point. We spotted an Android indie gamer in the wild attempting to adapt the experience for mobile.

It just… might take some time. So far, the developer has showed off some impressive destruction physics in a demo that consists of shooting a cannon at a tower, and enemies, to destroy them. Enemies recoil in ragdoll physics rather impressively too.

How is This Sea of Thieves Mobile?!

Yes, it’s clearly far too early to claim this as Sea of Thieves Mobile, but comments by the developer further down the announcement Reddit post make clear their intentions.

Planned updates include more varied environments, control adjustments, and, perhaps most importantly, more boats. A boat-themed level might just give us a clue as to how close we can expect this to be a Sea of Thieves-like.

However, to truly get there we’ll need fully open world environments, co-op gameplay, and pirate cosmetics. It’s not true Sea of Thieves until you can pop on a peg leg, after all.

Is it Worth Checking Out Though?

Still, we’re here to support ambitious indie developers at Droid Gamers, and we think it’s going to be a lot of fun watching the development of Destroy: Tear Down – its working title.

You can grab it right now on Google Play if you’d like to check it out. The visuals are pleasingly simple, and there’s something so satisfying about tearing down a variety of buildings with cannon fire.

Or, if you’re not interested, check out our best new Android games this week feature, which highlights the most exciting games that arrived on mobile this week.

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