Ancients Reborn is a MMORPG that skillfully blends old and new

MMORPGs on mobile can be very tricky to get right, often forgetting what works on a smaller screen – creating confusing and often overwhelming experiences.

Fortunately Ancients Reborn from developer Xisle Games Limited looks to offer a perfect balance of modern MMORPG sensibilities with old school flourishes. 

Set in a vibrant 3D fantasy world, it feels similar to classic titles in the genre. Primarily focused around you exploring dungeons, there’s an open world that might surprise you with its size – especially considering the developer’s indie roots.

The first thing you do is customise your character of course, and you can choose from being a dragon hunter or a humble merchant.

There’s then a wide range of armour and weapons to kit yourself out with. It’s all done via simple and easy to navigate menus too, so you’re out into the world exploring as soon as possible – a welcome design choice a fair few other MMORPGs could learn from.

What impressed us about Ancients Reborn is how even though it’s focused towards online play and socialising, you can set skill tasks running that will automate while the game is closed.

When you’re offline you can hire workers to mine ore, go fishing, and chop trees – taking resources to be crafted into useful equipment when you’re dungeon crawling.

The dungeons themselves are the main draw here though, and they don’t disappoint. Boasting huge bosses and labyrinth layouts, they’re a challenge to work your way through, whether you’re playing solo or with your friends. 

Talking of friends, the competition is fierce in Ancients Reborn with the playerbase growing every day to compete with each other on the leaderboards.

There’s a much calmer vibe with those we met while playing though. This isn’t a game that has an unpleasant and overly competitive environment, meaning it can be enjoyed by all – novices or experienced MMORPGers.

So with that in mind we recommend you try Ancients Reborn if you haven’t already – it’s available on Google Play and the App Store now, and has a bubbly Discord community you can get involved with too.

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