Android is hard to develop for admits PopCap Games

You will see PopCap Games and their titles available for a wide variety of platforms which now include Android but according to PopCap, developing for Android has been a bit of a struggle. So what has caused this struggle for PopCap Games? The variety of Android devices currently out.

I’m going to take a moment right now before proceeding to make a statement. This statement is this:

The whole fragmentation in hardware thing is slightly misunderstood. Hardcore PC gamers have been dealing with this sort of thing for many years. People should look at Android more in the terms of PC gaming while iOS is more like console. With iOS everything is set with the hardware and developers program for that hardware. With PC gaming, it is a fairly open range so the newest games require (for the most part) newer hardware. The only difference is that with Android at least we don’t have to worry about buying extra RAM, better HDD, heaftier graphics cards and so on to play games.

According to senior game designer David Bisho, the main problem is just the huge variety of Android devices available on the market right now and making games work on as many of those as possible. While PopCap Games has been a browser-based game developer for some time now, they have never really had to worry about variances in devices. Their games run through your browser or, in case of mobile, only had to deal with iOS and similar platforms that have a more strict structure regarding hardware.

With Android, PopCap Games has essentially wandered into the PC-style gaming sector in terms of differences in hardware. This is most likely why it took forever for Plants vs Zombies and other titles to land on Android. It is all about learning though and it seems PopCap Games has gotten a bit stronger of a grasp as to what is needed to bring their games over to Android. this means we should see releases come at a faster pace.

Plants vs Zombies will remain an Amazon App Store exclusive for two weeks before it is released onto the Android Market. The next game slated for release is Peggle which, again, will be a temporary exclusive on the Amazon App Store before heading the Android Market. Peggle is set to land on Android in the next month.

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